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A Guidebook for Rhythm Explorers

The Souls of Your Feet is a comprehensive guide to the art and language of tap dance. Complete with basic technique and creative variations, this guidebook shows the beginning dancer how to build a strong foundation in this wonderful Black American art-form as well as expand the experienced dancer's choreographic and improvisational creativity.


Traditional tap dance figures and choruses include The B.S. Chorus and The Shim Sham Shimmy as well as some of many basic structures are covered in this guidebook.


Numerous references are made to the legends of tap dance including Charles "Honi" Coles, Brenda Bufalino, Jimmy Slyde, Sarah Petronio, Savion Glover and many others securing the form to its historical roots.


"Artists constantly seek, and sometimes find.  Acia has taken the time to discover.  From Tapestry in Austin, TX, a tightly woven joyous tap history has emerged. Written with remarkable sensitivity and tenderness, dedication and strength. It's all there - in black white and brilliant shades of Gray.  A loving gift from one hoofer to us all!"

- Sarah Petronio, Paris

"The teacher, the scholar and the dancer in search of identification of tap terms and basic rhythm structures will find Ms. Gray's vast and inclusive guide a very helpful resource."  

- Brenda Bufalino, New York

"Acia Gray's The Souls of Your Feet offers valuable information guaranteed to build your skills. Her refreshing point of view will no doubt help you find the thrill of tap from your head down to your toes.  A delightful addition to any dancer's library."  

- Lynn Dally, Los Angeles

"Thank you Acia for writing a book that bridges the gap between tap dancers of all styles. This necessary tool brings us all together. I love it!"

- Dianne Walker, Boston


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